I created this crochet wall hanging today. It was one of those mornings where I’d had 3 cups of coffee before anyone woke up, and I couldn’t focus on anything until I got this design out of my head. So I grabbed some bulky yarn from my stash, and in about 2 hours I had a new pattern and a new crochet wall tapestry!

I have been wanting to crochet one of these for so long, I don’t know why I’ve never gotten around to it. I love the way it turned out.

Pattern Notes:

  • As I was changing colors, I didn’t cut the ends, I allowed them to hang out until the next row so that I could easily pick them up without having all of those ends to weave in.
  • I crocheted the piece first, then attached it to my half moon frame (found here on Etsy) using a single crochet stitch.
  • Here is a short video showing you how I attached my crochet wall hanging. You can use a stick from your yard, a dowel rod, or anything that strikes your imagination!
  • I attached my fringe at the end, and just kind of eyeballed it
  • Color changes are marked in [brackets] for example: [color a] sc 10 [color b] sc 10 (So the instructions would read, with color a, single crochet 10. With color b, single crochet 10.
Crochet pattern free crochet wall hanging
free crochet wall hanging pattern

Ready to begin your own boho crochet wall hanging?! Here’s what you’ll need:



  • ch : chain
  • sc : single crochet
  • hdc : half double crochet
  • ea : each

Begin Pattern

Ch 23 (turn at the end of each row)

  1. [color A] sc into 2nd ch from hook and into each remaining ch, ch 1
  2. [color A] sc into ea sc, ch 1
  3. [color A] sc 8, [color b] hdc 14, ch 1
  4. [color b] sc 14, [color a] hdc 8, ch 1
  5. rep. row 3
  6. [color b] sc 8, [color a] hdc 14, ch 1
  7. [color a] sc all sts, ch 2
  8. [color a] hdc 14, [color c] sc 8
  9. [color c] sc 9, [color a] sc 13, ch1
  10. [color a] sc 13, [color c] sc 9 ch 1
  11. [color c] sc 8, [color d], sc 14 ch 1
  12. [color d] sc 15, [color c] sc 7 ch 1
  13. [color a] sc 9, [color d] sc 13 ch1
  14. [color d] sc 12, [color a] hdc 10 ch 2
  15. [color a] hdc across ch 1
  16. [color a] sc 8, [color e] hdc 14 ch 2
  17. [color e] hdc 13, [color a] sc 9 ch 2
  18. [color a] hdc 10, [color e] hdc 12 ch 2
  19. [color e] hdc 11, [color a] hdc 11 ch 2
  20. [color a] hdc 12, [color e] hdc 10 ch 2
  21. [color a] hdc across, ch 1
  22. [color a] sc 8, [color b] sc 14 ch 2
  23. [color b] hdc 15, [color a] sc 7 ch 1
  24. [color a] sc 9, [color b] hdc 14 ch 2
  25. [color b] hdc 13 [color a] hdc 9 ch 2
  26. [color a] hdc across
  27. rep. row 26

Attach to Dowel or Frame

Attach your tapestry to the dowel or frame with a single crochet stitch. See video below.

Attach Fringe

Cut many 12 inch strands of yarn, and attach to the tapestry with a slip knot. Cut fringe to even lengths.

Proudly hang your crochet wall hanging where it can get lots and lots of compliments! I hope you enjoyed this pattern, I would love to see your versions of this boho wall hanging. Tag me on instagram @margoknitsblog or using #margoknits #margoknitsblog

Thank you for crocheting with me! I plan to come out with a kit for making this tapestry and selling it in my shop! Leave me a comment if that is something you’d like to see! If you love free crochet patterns, check out one of my favorites over at All Free Crochet!


Free pattern crochet wall hanging tapestry