Crochet Rainbow Arc Earrings DIY Pattern and Tutorial

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About a decade ago, jewelry used to be my craft of choice. I owned a jewelry shop on Etsy, and actually did pretty well! I’ve never stopped making jewelry, I just do it for fun now. Once I learned how to crochet and knit, I knew I wanted to learn ways to incorporate the two passions together.

I can tell you that I loved making these earrings so much, you will probably be seeing a lot more crochet jewelry from me- especially earrings. One problem I’ve always had in the past with crocheting and knitting jewelry was that once I would make a piece, the yarn would be too light and floppy. It would look beautiful in a still photograph, but not so much when wearing it in real life, so I never really shared jewelry patterns because I didn’t feel that the jewelry was coming out high quality.

But I discovered a solution!

Stiffen Quick is a fabric stiffening spray that gives you a lot of control over the stiffness of your fabric! This stuff has opened up a whole new world of jewelry making for me- as I can now crochet and knit fabric pendants and give them the reinforcement they need to actually hang the way they should when being worn on jewelry! It’s a weird thing to be excited about, but if you’re going to make these earrings, don’t do it without this stuff!

Here is what you’ll need to make these cute crochet earrings!

Supplies Needed:

  1. Fingering weight yarn in 3 different colors
  2. 2.75mm crochet hook
  3. Yarn Needle
  4. Earring wires
  5. Jump Rings
  6. Jewelry Pliers (2 pairs works best for gripping)
  7. Stiffen Quick Fabric Stiffening Spray
  8. Pins for blocking (optional)

Pin Pattern for Later

Crochet Pattern:


sl st : slip stitch

sc : single crochet

Notes: Color changes are marked in brackets [ ]

Top Circles: (make 2)

[color a] Make magic ring, sc 10, join with sl st.

  1. 2 sc into ea sc, join with a sl st (20)
  2. [color b] *2 sc into 1 sc, sc, rep from * around, join with sl st, ch 1 (30)

Cut yarn, weave in ends. Lay flat, & spray with stiffening spray and let dry. I used 2 coats of stiffening spray to get the desired stiffness of my circles.

Bottom Arcs: (make 2)

[color a] Make magic ring, sc 10, join with a sl st.

  1. 2 sc into ea. sc, join with a sl st (20)
  2. [color c] sc 18, ch 1
  3. sc 6, 2sc into 1sc, sc4, 2sc into 1sc, sc 6

Cut yarn, weave in ends. Lay flat, pin if needed. Spray with stiffening spray and let dry.

Assembling Earrings

Attach jump rings to circle pendant and ear wire and close jump ring. Attach jump ring to middle of the top of the arc, and middle of the bottom of the circle, and close the jump ring.

I can’t wait to see what yarn combinations you use for your earrings! I REALLY want to come out with more earring patterns in the coming weeks. Summer time is always challenging for coming up with new and fun ideas that aren’t already out there,

so tell me in the comments- Do you want to see more earring and jewelry patterns?

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