Crochet Dish Towel Free Crochet Pattern

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There’s something so fun and challenging about warmer weather when it comes to designing crochet patterns. Suddenly it’s not all hats and scarves! I’ve got to think outside of the box, and come up with new and unique ideas that are relevant to the season. I’ve been avoiding crochet dish towels for a long time to be honest…

I just couldn’t stand the idea of spending so much time on something that would be used for what I considered to be a dirty task. All that beautiful white cotton yarn getting stained after one use? I know, I’m really selling you on making this pattern right now right? But hear me out…

Lately, I’ve been going through some things in my life… I think it’s fair to say that everyone in the entire world has.

Suddenly, I’ve been forced to cling to any joy or pleasure I can find throughout the day. Even in the smallest forms- like looking at a pretty thing I made while I dry the dishes

Yes- these will be used for drying clean dishes ONLY! So actually making these crochet dish towels, or hand towels, or face towels was very therapeutic for me, and so was using them. I hope that you enjoy creating them and using them as much as I did. I can finally say that I “get” the whole crochet dish towel thing!

Well that got pretty deep for a dish towel pattern, if that’s not what you came here for, soooo sorry! #sorrynotsorry

Ok- here’s that free pattern I promised!


Worsted weight cotton yarn in 2 colors

US Size 8 (5mm) crochet hook

Yarn needle

Pattern Notes:

Color changes are marked in brackets like this: [color a] , [color b]

When changing colors, carry the yarn along by crocheting over it. If you’ve never done this before- don’t worry, it’s super easy! Here’s a helpful video that shows you how!


ch : chain

sc: single crochet

sctbl: single crochet through back loop

rep: repeat

ea: each

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Begin Pattern:

Ch. 31 with color A

Row 1: sc into 2nd ch from hook and ea remaining ch, ch 1, turn

Row 2: *sctbl into ea sc, ch 1, turn

Rows 3-11: rep row 2

Row 12: [color b] *sc into ea sc, ch 1, turn

Row 13: [color a] * sc into ea sc, ch 1, turn

Row 14: rep row 12

Row 15: rep. row 13

Row 16-42: *sctbl into ea sc, ch 1, turn

Row 43: [color b] **sc into ea sc, ch 1, turn

Row 44: [color a] * sc into ea sc, ch 1, turn

Row 45: rep row 43

Row 46: rep row 44

Rows 45-52: *sctbl into ea sc

Cut yarn, pull through loop and weave in your ends. Dry your dishes, wash your face, or just hang these for display only! You can find more free crochet patterns here, and don’t forget to tag me on Instagram @margoknitsblog if you make one of my patterns so I can share it on my stories! I love seeing what you make, so use the hashtag: #margoknitsblog or #margoknits to get featured! Happy hooking!

Crochet Dish Towel

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