My house is becoming a shrine to fringe and tassels lately, and I don’t mind. I don’t see macrame home decor going away any time soon, so I wanted to make some boho crochet versions that were more colorful for myself. You’ll need about 75yds of worsted weight yarn, and some cotton floss or yarn for the fringe. You can also use a fine tooth comb on the fringe to brush it out and pull apart the threads!

I’ve been a little unmotivated lately. I’ve got an office full of yarn scattered everywhere and no energy to put things together, so it’s all spilling over into the living room. To be completely honest, I’m running out of room in the living room too right now… While you’re looking at a clean photo with a white background and natural light, you’re not seeing the 7 crochet hooks on the counter, 3 half used skeins of yarn, 5 half finished projects. I think I’ll start sharing those pictures on my Instagram stories from now on because it’s pretty embarrassing and I want to motivate myself to clean it. Maybe shame is a good motivator.

Anywhoo, here is the free crochet pattern if you want to make your own fringy boho coasters:

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Worsted Weight Yarn

Embroidery Floss or Cotton Yarn for Fringe

Us Size 7 Crochet Hook

Yarn Needle

Tassel Maker (optional)


ch : chain

sc : Single crochet

inc : increase (2 sc into 1 sc)


At the end of each round, join and ch 1, counts as first st.

Begin Pattern:

Make Magic Ring, sc 6 into magic ring

  1. *2sc into ea sc (12)
  2. *inc 1, 1sc (18)
  3. *inc 1, 2 sc (24)
  4. *inc 1, 3 sc (30)
  5. *inc 1, 4sc (36)
  6. *inc 1, 5 sc (42)
  7. *inc 1, 6sc (48)
  8. *inc 1, 7sc (54)
  9. *inc 1, 8sc (60)
  10. *inc 1, 9 sc (66)
  11. *inc 1, 10sc (72)


Cut yarn, and weave in ends with yarn needle. Wrap yarn around tassel maker and cut on both sides to create fringe. Attach 2-3 pieces of fringe to each stitch around the edge.

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