Free Printable Hand Knit with Love and Hand Crochet With Love Labels

Free Printable Hand Knit with Love and Hand Crochet With Love Labels

FREE printable hand knit or crochet with love labels for your holiday knitted gifts!

If you’re thinking about giving away some hand made gifts this year, it’s a really good idea to start working those needles now! I’ve got a couple of hats done, but I feel like I’m just so behind!¬†In all honesty, I’ll probably end up at Bed Bath & Beyond on Christmas Eve furiously taking advantage of their free gift wrapping station like I always do, but hey, at least I’m trying to get things started early this year!

My gift knitting did take a time out so that I could make a hat (or 5) for myself (and patterns for you, I didn’t forget about you!) After living in the tropics for a year, I couldn’t wait to get back to Ohio just in time to wear all the things I knitted by the pool.

Anywhoo on the topic of gifting, I decided to create some fancy schmancy labels to go along with my knitted gifts, and wanted to share them with you! I created 2 designs, with very different styles for you to choose from.

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The labels will print landscape style on 8.5×11 paper, with dotted lines for you to cut along. These¬†should be able to be wrapped around lots of your hand knit or crochet gifts! If you find that you have a thick scarf or something that the label won’t quite fit around, stick a larger, fancier piece of paper behind it, and glue the label to that, then wrap that around your gift.

How to print:

Click on the linkss below. This will take you to a new page with just the labels. Go to File > Print, and make sure to select “Landscape” not portrait.

Happy Knitting, and Happy Gifting!

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