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Top 10 Ombre Yarns from Indie Dyers


1. Dyed to Order Gradient Yarn

by Snail Yarn on Etsy

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Ombre knitting patterns are a huge hit right now in the knitting community! It’s no wonder, I mean there’s something so and satisfying to the senses about colors that fade from light to dark. Beautiful shawls like the Sea Urchin Shawl (left) and the Inara Wrap (right) by Ambah O’Brien are celebrations of this trend.

Recommended projects for this yarn:

Sea urchin wrap


2. Cashmere Gradient Yarn

by Yarn Lux on Etsy

Cashmere gradient yarn

I love how this gradient yarn fades from one color to another. You could knit a pattern that’s one solid stitch pattern, and change colors every few inches. Yarn Lux has some colorways that I am really excited about, here are just a few:

Mulberry yarn by Yarn Lux on Etsy




3. La Vie en Rose

by knitcircus on Etsy



Named after one of my favorite songs, this colorway is bold, feminine, and sexy. Knitcircus is pretty popularly known for their gradient yarn cakes, so if you’re looking for a project to use this yarn for, you won’t be disappointed with a simple search on Ravelry.

4. Alpaca Silk Cashmere Gradient Yarn Set

by yarnfibre on Etsy

Cashmere silk alpaca gradient yarn

Ok, so combine the most soft, silky, luxurious fibers in the world, and what do you get? Silk, Alpaca, and Cashmere yarn– that’s what you get!

5. Deep Magenta Ombre Fingering Yarn

by What The Flock Handdyed on Etsy


Hand dyed ombre yarn



There are so many things I would love to see knit up in this merino by What The Flock Hand Dyed on Etsy! Here are just a couple:

6. Terracotta Ombre Yarn

by Pigeonroof

Teracotta ombre yarn

You can just see the softness in this yarn. This twisted superwash merino sock yarn set contains 6 skeins of 80 yards each. I honestly think I would buy this yarn if I didn’t even knit- just to hold it. I kind of want to make a really luxury stuffed animal out of it so that I can feel safe and warm every night! Anyone else? Just me? Ok, yeah I’d probably make a beautiful scarf or shawl.

7. Rainbow Gradient Castro Pride Ombre

by Wanderlust Hues on Etsy

Rainbow yarn

I feel like if you shaved a unicorn and spun it into… unicorn yarn, this is what it would look like. Like joy! I love this rainbow hand dyed yarn from Wanderlust Hues!

I think I would choose this scarf to show off the beautiful hues in this yarn.

Rayures scarf knitting pattern

Rayures Scarf by Amy Miller

8. Hand Beaded & Dyed Mulberry Silk Yarn

by Vanessa Knits

Beautiful hand dyed ombre yarn

The dark and moody tones of this yarn juxtaposed with the feminine and intricate hand beading make this mysterious yarn shimmer. A simple shawl pattern is all you need to show the beauty of the yarn.

9. Midnight Song Lace Yarn

by Wool Silk Lace on Etsy

Silk lace ombre yarn

10. Hand Dyed Gradient Yarn Green

by Shelridge Yarns

Ombre yarn

This sweater knitting pattern features green ombre stripes (however this particular pattern uses fingering weight yarn).

Ombre green stripe sweater

I think any striped sweater would look amazing with ombre yarn. And in DK weight it would knit up fast! I’m imagining the green ombre yarn in every striped sweater pattern I see now.

Sweater knitting pattern

Low Contrast by Suvi Simola


Maxfield Cardigan by Amy Christoffers