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Anna Hat Free Knitting Pattern

Anna Hat Free Knitting Pattern

Free Cable Hat Knitting Pattern

I stepped outside to play with my dog in the snow last week, and snapped a few pics of my latest design: The Anna Hat. The next day, the snow melted in the 50 degree heat, so I’m glad I did! And hey- I’m definitely not complaining. I stepped outside yesterday in a t-shirt and jeans, admiring what looked like a beautiful spring day in February.

Cabled hat free knitting pattern

I’m sure we’ll get our fair share of snow this year, but winter’s mercy seems to be upon us Ohioans this year. Since we’re heading to Belize in April for my wedding, and we missed last winter all together because we were in Belize, I have to say I feel like mother nature has been really good to me!

I am happy to be back in the States again (not many yarn stores in the tropics. None at all actually.) but I can’t wait to head back to Belize in April, walk down the sandy beach, and marry the love of my life! Hopefully before then, we’ll get one more beautiful snowy day that I can wear my new hat, but if not… eh, there’s always next year!

Follow along below for the free pattern to make your own Anna Hat!


The Anna hat features a warm fold up brim, and a beautiful cable motif that is easy to knit. It is worked in the round with worsted weight yarn. This has been by far one of my favorite hats to knit. Hats are my favorite thing to knit. I haven’t done a cable pattern in a while- and knitting this hat re-ignited my love for cabling!

What You Need

Yarn: 120 yards Lion Brand Vanna’s Choice

Colorways shown: Dusty Rose & Mustard

Needles: US size 9 (5.5mm) 16 inch (40cm) circular knitting needles and Double Pointed Needles

Stitch Marker

Yarn Needle


20 sts. & 22 rows = 4” in cable pattern

Pattern Notes:

When pattern becomes difficult to knit on circular needles during decrease rounds, switch to DPN’s. The pattern is meant to fit snugly on your head. If you need to wet block at the end, instructions are given.


pm – place marker

K – Knit

P – Purl

C6F: Cable 6 Front (slip 3 stitches onto cable needle and hold in front. Knit 3, then knit 3 from cable needle.)

C6B: Cable 6 Back (slip 3 stitches onto cable needle and hold in back. Knit 3, then knit 3 from cable needle.)

C4B: Cable 4 Back (slip next 2 sts. onto cable needle and hold in back. Knit 2, then knit 2 from cable needle.)

ssk – slip slip knit

ssp – slip slip purl

Begin Pattern:

Co 80 sts. onto circular needles, join in the round, pm


*K2, P2

Repeat until brim measures 3”

Hat body

Rounds 1, 5, 9, 21, 25, 29 and all even rounds: *K12, P2, K4, P2 around

Rounds 3, 7, 23, 27, 39:

*K12, P2, C4B, P2

Rounds 11, 15, 19, 31, 35:

*K3, C6F, K3, P2, C4B, P2

Rounds 13, 17, 33, 37:

*[C6B] twice, P2, K4, P2

Begin decrease rounds:

Switch to double pointed needles when circular needles become too difficult to work on during decrease rounds.

Decrease Rounds:

  1. *[K2, ssk] 3 times, P2, ssk, K2, ssp
  2. *K9, P2, K3, P1
  3. *[K1, ssk] 3 times, P1, ssp, K1, ssp
  4. *K6, P2, K1, P1
  5. *[ssk] 3 times, ssp, ssk
  6. *K3, P1, K1
  7. *ssk

Cut yarn and weave through remaining stitches. Pull tight to close hat. Weave in all ends.

Wet block if necessary. If your hat needs to be stretched a little, wet it and squeeze remaining water out with a towel. Do not wring out. Place on blocking board or foam board, stretch to desired size and place pins to hold in place. Hat will also stretch a little bit with wear.

Happy Knitting!

FREE knitting pattern: Cabled Beanie


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  1. shihyung wang says:

    I like this pattern.

  2. PGiacinto says:

    I love the cable pattern on this hat! But when I made it, the cabling was sooooo tight. Do you think it would have more stretch if I went up a needle size or two?

    • Yes, if your cable hat is coming out too small, you might want to try to do a gauge swatch first.

      • I made one with the “giggling green” yarn by Barnat, which is the closest I could find to “Tiffany & Co.” blue. It fits my friend’s toddler. So I went to the 10.5 size needles and added an extra pearl (so, P3 instead of P2). This one fit my friend perfectly and she loves it!! This is a great pattern!!!! I wish I could post a picture of it!!!!

  3. What do you mean by ssk , ssp

  4. There are not any sizes for this hat. What is the approximate finished circumference in inches around band ribbing?

  5. This pattern is beautiful. I can’t wait to make it. Thank you!!!

  6. Hi, I love this pattern! I am in the middle of making it. Could you explain the knit knit purl please? A lot of videos show it differently, need some help :-) Thank you x

  7. I also love this pattern, but I must be making a mistake on the decrease rounds because the numbers don’t come out right. The first decrease round works out fine, but the subsequent ones don’t end at the right place. After the first decrease I end up with 55 stitches, which is not divisible by the 11 stitches in the pattern of the second decrease row, and so the other rows are off too. Help! Otherwise, this is a great hat! Thanks so much.

    • Oops– I mean the 15 stitches in the second decrease row. 55 is indeed divisible by 11!! The second decrease row pattern is of 15 stitches. Sorry for bad math!

      • I had the same problem but figured it out.
        In rows 1 and 3 you are supposed to repeat the whole thing three times, not just the ssk.
        So row 1 would be: *K2, ssk, K2, ssk, K2 ssk, P2, ssk, K2, ssp (decreasing from 20 to 15 stitches).
        Row 3 is: K1, ssk, K1, ssk, K1, ssk, P1, ssp, K1, ssp (decreasing from 15 to 10 stitches).

        I hope that helps! :)

      • Susan McDonald says:

        Dear Sue
        I had exactly the same problem! The pattern for the decrease rows is a bit unclear . I realised after a while that, instead of

        *K2, (ssk) 3 times,………..
        It should read

        (*K2, (ssk) ) 3 times……
        Written like this, enclosed in brackets, you read it as one whole instruction – I knit 2, then ssk’d 3 times!! This gave me 55stitches, just like you! Took me a while !! I’ve now finished the hat!
        Best wishes

  8. Love this patern – how would I need to adjust it so I could knit it on straight needles?

  9. Hi there. Are all even rounds a knit round?

  10. I have the same problem as Sue above. The knit and purl stitches do not land on the like stitches and it does not end up with correct number of repeats after the first decrease.

  11. OK, I think I figures out what is off. the pattern is *K2 (ssk) 3 times, I think it should read *(K2, ssk) 3 times, then it works out ok.

  12. I agree w/ PGiacinto – the cabling was extremely tight. Not the C4B that happens every four rows, but the other cables (that look like a little knot). It was so tight that it couldn’t even be blocked – instead I gave it to a child. I tried to keep my stitches as loose as possible so I’m not sure what happened. I definitely night consider using a substantially larger needle for those portions of the pattern.

  13. Hi, i am in the same predictament as Sue, I am at the second row of decrease and the numbers do not add up. Is there a correction required for the pattern.

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