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Flurries Hat

Flurries Hat Free Knitting Pattern

FREE hat knitting pattern. "Flurries" by Margo Snyder

Well that white Christmas I was dreaming about finally came… Mid January. I have to say I think the snow is really pretty, and since I haven’t seen it in two years, I don’t mind it a bit. Today’s knitting pattern is a simple one with a lot of personality. And I rightly named it the “Flurries Hat” because the white stitches remind me of the flurries outside of my window right now. I want to see your FO’s so don’t forget to post your projects on Ravelry!

What You Need:


Lion Brand Wool Ease Thick n’ Quick

Main Color: Approx. 50 yds.

Contrasting Color: Approx. 20 yds.


US 13 (9mm) 16” (40cm)circular knitting needles

US 13 DPN’s (double pointed needles)


Stitch Marker

Yarn needle


12 sts. & 14 rows = 4” in stockinette st.


pm – place marker

MC – Main Color

CC- Contrasting Color

K – Knit

P – Purl

ssk – slip slip knit

Pattern Notes:

When changing colors, do not cut yarn. Carry yarn along as you knit.

Begin Pattern:

Co 48 sts, join in the round, pm


K2, P2 around

Repeat until brim measures 2.5”

Hat body

1. *With MC, k3, with Cc, k1 rep. from * around

Rounds 2,3,5,6 With MC K around

4. *With MC, k1, with CC, k1, with MC, k2, rep. from * around

Repeat rounds 1-6, 1 more time

Repeat round 1-4, then begin decrease rounds. Switch to DPN’s when decreasing becomes difficult on circular needles.

Decrease rounds

  1. K 4, ssk around
  2. K around
  3. K3, ssk around
  4. K around
  5. K 2, ssk around
  6. K around
  7. K1, ssk around
  8. K around
  9. Ssk around

Cut yarn and weave through remaining stitches. Pull tight to close hat. Weave in all ends.


Free Knitting Pattern



Free bulky hat knitting pattern

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  1. I have not yet seen the words, “Carry yarn along as you knit.”
    Could you please explain?
    Have made about 10 hats now, but none with a second yarn like this.
    Thank you!

    • Hi Sue, instead of cutting the yarn when you change colors, just pick it up and keep knitting with it around. You can do this when there’s not so many stitches in between color changes.

  2. Cute! What size is the finished hat? They look really tiny.

  3. What is the size or is it an ornament?

  4. I have done lots of knitting. I have enough yarn to start my own shop but then you see new colours. Such an addiction! Try to do knitting for charity too.

    I know slip 1, knit 1, pass slip stitch over but have not seen ask before. Could you explain please?

    Very cute pattern. Thank you.

    • Hi Lorel, I think you’re asking about the slip slip knit? Here’s a video tutorial that will explain it better than I will here. Hope that helps! -Margo

  5. What size are these hats? They are adorable!

  6. Great hat! Do you know how many stitches I would need to cast on using worsted weight yarn (4)? Thanks

    • Hi Pam,
      Hmm well you will need a multiple of 4 that’s divisble by 12. Check your gauge, and when you decrease, decrease by 12 stitches each time. Good luck!

  7. Can you do this hat on straight needles? I am reluctant to try to use double point needles and, even though you state these are needed I don’t see any instructions using dpns. I really would prefer to use straight needles if I can. Thank you for such an adorable pattern. Linda

    • Hi Linda, I don’t have the pattern for straight needles at this time. I used circular needles then switched to DPN’s once it becomes difficult to knit on circulars during the decreases. I highly recommend giving knitting in the round a try- I prefer it to straight knittting and it is so much easier than you’d think!

    • I agree with Linda, knitting in the round is a lot of fun. Like you, I was nervous when I first thought of trying it. It’s really not difficult and once I got the hang of it, I actually prefer knitting with circular needles over straight needles. If you don’t want to use DPNs, you can always knit with a longer circular needles (48″) using the magic circle methods; no trouble decreasing with this method. There are a lot of helpful tutorials on youtube if you are interested.

  8. I would like to knit this hat on straight needles. Can this be done?

  9. Love this hat and can’t wait to get started on one! Thanks for the pattern.z

  10. I love this pattern, but I would like to knit it for my grandaughter who is 3. Can it be adapted for her? thank you.

  11. I absolutely love this pattern! I just wanted to say thank you so much for posting it! I hadn’t knit anything for years (switched to crochet) and had never knit in the round on circular needles before. Finding this pattern is the reason I started knitting again! I am so happy that I did, because I love knitting on circular needles. It’s so much easier (and more fun) than working on straight needles for me! I still don’t have DPN’s, but I was able to decrease until decrease round 4. in the pattern just fine. From there I cut the yarn and pulled it through the remaining stitches. The hat still turned out great! *I did have to add on rows to get the extra length from not having DPN’s*

    Thanks again :-)

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  13. I just finished my first attempt at this hat. So cute and pretty and a really nice one to knit. However the finished product is a tad big for me, hopefully I’ll be able to adjust to make it smaller, any advice ?

    Lovely pattern, thanks for sharing with us x

  14. Can i sell hats I make from this pattern?

  15. Christine says:

    I was wondering I’m a visual learner. Is there a video that I can watch of this. I haven’t been able to find one on YouTube. I work on circular needles. Thank you

  16. I am new to knitting and would love to make this to fit newborn. Love this design!

  17. I would love to make this hat with a size 8 round and 5 oz acrylic yarn. How do I alter the pattern? I am relatively new to knitting.

  18. HI ya; AM wondering if I could adapt this as a pony tail hat? Can I simply cast off an opening as the rows progress, then pick them up again to close?

  19. What is the final length of this hat?

  20. Janis Masters says:

    I love this cap, but you will not get 12 stitches and 14 rows using Lion Brand Thick’n Quick and a 9 mm needle. This is a super bulky yarn that will give you about 9 sts per inch with a 9mm needle..

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