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Wham Bam Thank You Lamb!

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Or in this case, alpaca! I knitted up this asymmetrical cowl in an evening of T.V. watching, and man do I love it. The free pattern is a really simple one, and I modified it a little bit by using K1 P1 ribbing instead of Garter stitch. Some nights making up an entire pattern on my own takes too much brain power, so I like to let another designer do the thinking for me.

I grabbed this awesome pattern by Susan Chang on Ravelry, and it only took a couple hours. I wasn’t watching the clock but I’m pretty sure by the end of 2 episodes of The Walking Dead I was done.

All you need to make this cowl is some super bulky yarn ( I used Yarn Bee Effortless Superbulky, which is a nice Alpaca Acrylic blend that you can find at Hobby Lobby), some size US13 (9.0mm) knitting needles, and a yarn needle for weaving ends and sewing the asymmetrical seam. This pattern didn’t even use up the entire skein. In fact I could probably get another one out of it!

Check out the pattern here on Ravelry, and to make my modified version simply work in K1, P1 ribbing and always slip the last 1st st. of the row. I also seamed it a bit differently, more in the middle as you can see in the last photo.




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  1. Susan England says:

    I wish you had been there when I lived there. Anyway your patterns are beautiful. Thank you. Susan England

  2. Do not see the pattern for the cowl.

    • Hi Brenda- I’ve posted in on Ravelry, there is a link in the post. The link to the pattern is someone else’s pattern, but I’ve written my variations on it in the post. -Margo

  3. What does it mean to always slip the last 1st st. of the row?

    Other than that your variation looks wonderfully easy and I am looking forward to making this cowl!

    • Slip the stitch off the needle purlwise. It just makes for a nicer edge, not necessary but I think it looks nice!

  4. I am an older lady (almost 70) and am not too computer savey. I wish that you would post your patterns on this site instead of directing me to another site. Don’t know how to use other sites. You create some cute things and I appreciate your creativity. Thank you

    • Hi Diana, I am sorry about that. I usually do post my patterns here on the blog, but since this was another persons’ pattern, I needed to link to it on the other site. The pattern link is here: , and if you look down, you’ll see a place where it says: This Pattern is Available as a Free Ravelry Download Just click that and it will download the pattern right to your computer. Thanks for your patience! -Margo

  5. Thank you so much for sharing knitting patterns with us !
    Bye !

  6. Hello, Do you have a photo of the back or sides that we could see? Thanks!

  7. Unable to find pattern for this item?
    Is it on Facebook?
    Sadly not a member.

  8. I see you didn’t stitch it together quite the same as the pattern calls for, either. Am I correct? I like the way your iteration has more of a flap at the neckline, is this how that was achieved?

    • Hi Debbie, there is a photo in the post, I seamed an edge at the middle of the other edge which created the flap, see the last photo in the post

      • Thanks!! Sorry I didn’t read above more carefully the first time. DOH!!!

        Now- About this “slip the last 1st stitch” – I STILL don’t get it. Am I slipping the 1st stitch of a row? Am I slipping the last stitch? Am I slipping both? And I’m not sure how I do this without losing stitches?

        Can you help?

  9. I have gone to the Raverly site and can not find this pattern. What a pain to get the pattern.

  10. Thank you for this very easy cowl and the unusual seaming. I don’t have any bulky and I’m wondering if I can use #4 worsted weight if I use two strands simultaneousely.

  11. You picture shows stockinette, however, the Ravelry pattern shows garter. Why?

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