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Free Crochet Pattern: Avery Hat



IMG_2311 copyIMG_2316 copyFREE crochet pattern! Slouchy beanie

FREE crochet hat pattern: The Avery Hat by

The Avery hat. She’s effortlessly chic. A simple girl with a lot of personality and a cool sense of style. I’m loving slouchy hats lately. I’m loving all hats lately! But the Avery hat is a great project for any beginner. You will need to know how to use the magic ring method to join in the round. If you don’t know the magic ring method, get ready to learn it!

Click here for magic ring tutorial.

Ok, let’s get started! Here’s what you need to make the Avery Hat


Big twist bulky, or any bulky yarn. Approx 200-240 yards (182-219 meters)

Hook Size:

Us J10 (6.0mm)

Us H8 (5.0mm)


Removable Stitch Marker

Yarn needle for weaving in ends


Sewing or beading needle thin enough for your button holes.


sc : single crochet

hdc: Half-double crochet

pm : place marker

st. : stitch

Begin Pattern:

Using the magic ring method, make 6 sc, pm (move marker up as you complete each round)


  1. 2 sc into 1 sc around (12 sts.)
  2. sc around
  3. 2 hdc into 1 sc around (24 sts.)
  4. hdc around
  5. 2 hdc into 1 hdc around (48 sts.)
  6. hdc around


rep. round 6 four more times


  1. *2 hdc into 1 hdc, hdc 7 , rep. from * to end of round. (54 sts.)


rep. round 6 until until hat reaches 10 inches (25.4cm)


  1. Switch to size 8 (5.0mm) crochet hook. Hdc around
  2. *sc 4, sc 2tog rep. from * to end of round. (45 sts.)
  3. sc around


Repeat round 10 3 more times.


Cut yarn. Sew buttons onto hat. Weave in all ends.


As always, with my patterns you are free to sell the finished product. Thanks for supporting an independent designer!


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FREE crochet hat pattern: The Avery Hat by


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  1. On the instructions for the Avery hat with the two buttons… Instruction number nine has *sc 4, sc 2tog…
    What is tog?

  2. zola cheng says:

    Thanks so much for sharing this free pattern.
    and it look so cute.

  3. Sharon Tamburello says:

    love your cloche crocheted hats!! Thanks so much

  4. Jane Arnold says:

    Good morning. I just downloaded the directions for the seed stitch cowl from Craftsy and am excited about starting it but…your directions are great except…there is no indication of HOW LONG to make the cowl. Only ” and cm appear with no numeral. HELP! Thank you!

  5. Grab yarn and your crochet hooks because it’s the perfect time to create handmade crocheted items! , It is just amazing .

  6. Please advise about yarn.… I went to yarn substitution to find “big twist” and a little similar names… I did not see that yard. Could you please tell me who the manufacturer is or if it’s a number five weight or at number six weight . Thank you for sharing such a lovely pattern and for your prompt response.


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