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12 Crochet Projects to do This Weekend



12 crochet projects to do this weekend



Since I find myself still in Belize, and very low on yarn, I decide that today I’d share some of my favorite crochet patterns from around the web by some other amazing designers! If you’re looking for something to dig your hooks into, check out these beautiful and creative crochet creations! Have a great weekend!

FREE triangle stitch crochet pattern- this lacy triangle scarf is soooo quick and pretty!

Triangle Crochet Scarf



Boot Cuffs



Crochet Slipper Boots


Crochet Coasters

Ear Flap Pom Pom Hat



Infinity Scarf

Patchwork Blanket


Ombre Basket

Bow Headwraps

Crochet Leather Snap Scarf



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  1. Awesome!

  2. Nancy Gardikis says:

    Just came across your “12 patterns to do this weekend.” I enjoyed looking at them and I am going to try a few. I am new at knitting, have always crocheted but wanted to learn how to knit and I love it. I have a problem though, I start a pattern but never finish it, don’t ask me why…. I either get bored with it or I run into a problem and can’t figure it out. My neighbor is from Holland, she decided I should learn how to knit. Our likes and dislikes aren’t even close, but she is a very very good knitter, and have given me some good training. I liked your knitting patterns because you seem to be on the same track as me. I don’t care for the lacy patterns I lean more to the bulky conventional style with a twist here and there.

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