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Easy Beginner Crochet Blanket Pattern

I cheated on my knitting, and learned how to crochet a few weeks ago. It was a thrill! Well, it was, you know, thrilling in the way that pulling loops through other loops on a stick is thrilling. Something only knitters/crocheters can understand!
This is a simple blanket, the finished product ended up being a little larger than 5×7′ and taking about 11 skeins of “I Love This Yarn” from Hobby Lobby. I decided to go with a fun blue tweed and a mustard yellow. I love the way it turned out! I’m sitting under it right now near my fireplace trying to pretend I’m in Belize.
I really like doing long projects in the summer, since I’m not eager to use them, I can take my time on bigger projects that can last me a long time. It also keeps me away from the yarn store, which is working out well for my bank account! Since this was my first crochet project, I used some cheap yarn called “I love This Yarn”. I like that it’s machine washable (as you can see my doggie likes to take over any blankets and claim them as his own). So there was no way I could use something more expensive.
If you want to make your own crochet blanket, it’s really easy! You just need to know: Chain Single Crochet Double Crochet How to change colors (optional) You can use as many colors as you want for the stripes- this pattern would also look great in a solid color.
You will need: 
Size US: I9 (5.5mm) crochet hook About 10-12 skeins of worsted “I Love This Yarn” (about 3,300 yards? That seems like a lot, I apologize I didn’t really keep count.)
Ch 180 sts. (This is the width of your blanket)
1. sc 10 rows with mc (ch1, turn at end of each row until 10th row)
2. ch 2, turn. dc 2 rows
3. (switch colors) ch1, turn. sc 10 rows
Repeat rows 2 & 3 until blanket reaches desired length.
*Final Stripe: With MC sc 10 rows, Dc 2 rows, Sc 5 rows.

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  1. For the first ten rows, do you chain anything before turning to start a new row?

    • Hi Stephanie- thanks for catching that! Yes I ch 1 at the end of each row, until row 10, then ch2 because you will be double crocheting. I’ve corrected the pattern to say so! :)

  2. I’m very new to crocheting but am getting familiar with all of the terms. This may seem ridiculous but what does mc stand for?

  3. I MUST know the names of the two colors in the pic of this blanket! Love the flecks of color in the blue!

  4. I crochet a blanket like this for my baby 3 years ago. I was wondering if their is a way to add to the width or do I just have to make a new blanket?

  5. I am a really new crocheter and I am not actually sure of the abbreviations you have used… so sorry, just trying to make a blanket for a friend. Only 14 andI kind of really suck at this, you don’t have to answer but it would help greatly. Or if you have any recommendations that could help me?

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